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Purdy Labs, LLC, 




Founder/ CEO

Shea Gerhardt is the Founder of Buderflys, an earbud company built for the earbud user. Shea has spent her 18-years in executive roles creating disruptive products in the music, mobile and gaming industries. She spent her career developing, building and growing brands with loyal repeat customers both in entrepreneurial and big business environments. She has been a results-driven marketing and operational leader for emerging and disruptive technologies. Shea has always focused on developing a purpose-driven culture that has proven to drive revenue. Shea is known for her strong ability to turn features and functionality of products into clear insight for the right audience. She is also known for cultivating and managing loyal strategic partnerships. She has a strong ability to see possibilities, direction and angles others don’t and translate these concepts into revenue. 

Industry Advisors & Supply Chain/ Sales 

Matt Christensen

Matt was a founding member of SOL REPUBLIC headphones as an Executive VP of Sales and grew revenue from startup to over $70M+ in less than 36 months. Matt has 25+ years as an entrepreneur and senior executive within the consumer/professional electronics and advanced composites industries with companies like Planar, InFocus, Westone Labs, and ORIBI Manufacturing. Matt received his MBA from Rockhurst University where he studied Finance and Management and has recently served on the Board of the Consumer Electronics Audio committee and Wireless committee.



Kyle Covell has spent his career helping entrepreneurs and business owners manage the finance side of their operations so they can focus on growth and achieve their goals. He’s worked with pre-revenue start-ups, multigenerational family businesses, VC backed technology companies and everything in between. The financial operational and health of a business is where Kyle excels the most. He has successfully raised capital through multiple channels to accelerate growth and help companies position for acquisitions. 

Matt Heidecker, Ph.D 

Expert is a material characterization and development, chemical compatibility of polymers and elastomers, aging/life prediction of non-metallic materials. Matt bringings years of experience in the oil and gas industry and a strong background in material science to the table. His team at PSN Labs specializes in product design and analysis, engineering processes, manufacturing, and testing services. Matt also project manages the small batch manufacturing at PSN. 

Meghan Manley 

Director of Social Media 

Meghan Manley has been a social media influencer for 10 years. It all started with MySpace layouts and sparkly graphics and grew into a curator of blogs and Instagram.  She has worked as a Special Education teacher, building a Model Autism Program and working as a Data Team Leader.  She now manages all social media accounts for Buderflys. Meghan has a penchant for hiking, science fiction, podcasts, Jeopardy and knowing celebrity baby names.


Head of Marketing

Project Manager 


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