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Earbuds Built for the Human Ear

Purdy Labs, LLC, 




Buderflys bridges the gap between professional, custom molded earbuds and today's hard inflexible consumer wireless earbuds with the world’s first perfect fitting earbud. Seamlessly connecting people to the amazing world of digital music and content. Buderflys allows users to focus, learn, meditate, sleep and motivates them to go further than they have before in a painless and hassle-free way.


We have designed this sleek earbud to be comfortable enough to sleep on or wear with a helmet. They are wireless, have high-quality sound, long battery life, are noise isolating, have a great microphone for chatting on the phone, and savvy charging system. We have made them simple and user-friendly. As surprised as we were to find this out, the majority of this $20 billion market is not buying their earbuds due to funky, over-designed features – so we have chosen to make our consumers lives less complicated and omit the vibrating, beeping, heart monitoring, magnets and such – no complicated bells and whistles. Just easy, simple, sleek, high quality, and of course, finally comfortable! 


The first release of Buderflys will have a cord connecting the two buds. The cord will host the toggle and microphone. Based on the qualitative and qualitative research we know that people initially think the totally wireless bud is cool but in the end, wish they had a cord connecting the two to avoid one bud getting lost or so they can take one out and still have it around their neck for easy access. We also designed the bud to fit totally within the confinements of the ear “pocket” or concha so that there is no excess pressure on the ear cartilage. This makes it so that wearing a helmet, hat or laying down with the buds in never hurts. But if you must have it without the cord, don’t sweat - we will release that bud soon. 


Our retail price point for our earbuds are between $110 - $250, just below the same quality wireless earbuds on the market but still reflects the value and aspirational aspects of our buds. 


We will release Flybuds, a totally wireless bud, a year later at a price point of $310 a year. The third iterations will be Flyables, a hearable bud, scheduled to be released in two years time. We are testing a wired releasing this summer for $110. 


Most customers don't think they can solve this problem and just deal with what is available. Many consumers are buying multiple pairs of earbuds/headphones in hopes of finding one that fits their ear and/or different activities (or use-cases). The little rubber ear-tip that now comes with a number of earbuds has helped a bit but not enough to make Apple, who maintains the largest market share in the industry, change their design to accommodate the ear-tip. Finally, there are a large number of people who just don't use earbuds due to the issue with Fit. It is for these reasons we have developed Buderflys to increase the market size by providing the key thing that prohibits people from entering the market (or buying buds)- FIT! In addition, we also anticipate the cannibalization of the current market, as fit and comfort are a chief complaint among current earbud users. 


We have a whole lot to say about developing and running the best purpose-driven culture. Based on learnings from the scientific method rooted in meaningful measurement in order to grow our revenues. Honestly, we can’t wait to tell anyone that wants to listen about our company philosophy and structure. If you are interested please contact any of us - we are an open book.